What are Hoverfly Lagoons?

“Hoverfly Lagoons are artificial tree rot-holes or bodies of water that hoverflies use as a breeding site. They are cheap and simple, essentially a container with decaying organic matter and water, and they originated as an idea for enthusing and involving citizens (hence the endearing name) to collect scientific data to monitor our important and declining pollinators. Moreover, they increase habitat and diversity in gardens, and awareness and appreciation of hoverflies and other lesser-known insects.

The Hoverfly Lagoons project was invented, and is run by myself at The Buzz Club, a charitable organisation which is part of the University of Sussex. I have created this website as a way of making information and data available to those interested, and for me to have an outlet for my ongoing and constantly developing Lagoon tales. ”

Ellen L. Rotheray

Teaching Fellow

University of Sussex

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  1. Wonderful project that I would like to implement in our wild garden. Once the containers are in place, am I right in think that the water would need to be topped up in this warm weather? Where are the bet locations to place the containers?
    Thanks in advance.

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